The data items in the /metadata/actonco2/actions category contain information used to generate actions and in tips in ActOnCO2 v2. This information is used by client-side code (sometimes referred to as middleware) to decide when a particular tip/action should be triggered and what information should be displayed to the user.

Profile item values

If an action is triggered then the client-side code will create a profile item in AMEE. The user can then select a subset of these actions which they wish to carry out, in which case isSelected is set to true on these profile items. Once a user has carried out an action ''isDone'' should be set to true.


An action will be displayed if three conditions are met: condition1, condition2 and condition3. The three conditions should be combined with a boolean AND operator (i.e. they all have to be met) or, if useOr is set to true, with a boolean OR operator (i.e. only one condition needs to be met).

Conditions are specified in either two or three colon-delimited parts of the form:

category:drill condition:profile item value condition

though the third part is optional.

Condition examples


means that the condition is met if a profile item exists in the /home/heating category with the drill down option ''type'' set to a value containing the word old.


means the condition is met if the /home/energy/uk/price category is not empty, i.e. it contains one or profile items. The exclamation mark (!) indicates the NOT boolean operator should be applied.


means that the condition is met if any profile item in /metadata has the ''greenTariff' profile item set to yes.


means that the condition is met if a profile item in /home/heating exists with the drill down option ''type'' is set to value that contains house or bungalow or maisonette.

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