Major city and destination airports by country



This dataset provides a reference for 500 world airports, including all major cities and destinations. The data was original compiled by DEFRA. It is one of two representations of the same airport database, specifically structured to be searchable via each airport's host country and name. This can be contrasted with the companion dataset, searchable via IATA code.

The dataset

This dataset provides a selective list of 500 global aiports, together with useful metadata associated with each, including the airport name. country, IATA code and latitude and longitude reference points.

Airports are indexed according to their country and name, which provides a convenient structure for finding and accessing airport data by global geographic location.

This dataset can be used to provide the latitudinal and longitudinal references for calculating distances between airports.

Related datasets

This dataset can also be accessed on the basis of airport IATA code. In addition, another dual-access dataset is available (by IATA code or airport country and name) which provides a more comprehensive (3000) list of global airports but has a lower authority rating than this dataset.