The AMEE category /business/benchmark/co2benchmark/sector provides data on the greenhouse gas emissions associated with various industrial and commercial sectors, sourced from

Analysts at track the latest carbon footprints of thousands of companies in 30 countries. This category enables users to consult sector averages calculated based on the data of these companies, and to benchmark greenhouse gas emissions against a particular sector and company size (represented by turnover expressed in Million US Dollar). The sector classification used for this services is ICB - of which you can find the definitions here.

How to use this methodology

To use this category, specify the sector using the sector drill choice. Next set a value for annual company turnover using the turnover profile item value. The returned amount represents the typical annual CO2 emissions associated with a company of the specified size (turnover) and sector.

By default, the returned amount represents emissions based on scopes 1 and 2 combined. Users have the option of returning benchmark emissions for a single scope, or all three scopes combined, by setting the scope profile item value to either 'one', 'two', 'three' or 'all'.

Users should note that, for some sectors, all three emissions scopes may not be available. This occurs where insufficient data is available for deriving reliable sector averages (n < 4). For such sectors, AMEE returns the total of all available emissions scopes by default, or 0 if a particular scope is requested and not available. In both of these cases, an error message describing the missing scope(s) will appear in the comment profile item value if storing calculations in profiles.

Did you know?