The items in this dataset represent domestic computing equipment. All items include energy consumed on sleep, suspend and active modes and are stock-averaged over recent years given in the MTP data set. The usage figures are scaled from MTP figures (6.257 hours/day for desktops and only 2 hours for laptops) to 5.5 hours/day.

Calculations assume a typical usage so you are not required to set any consumption data but you can provide the numberOwned parameter which otherwise defaults to 1.

The conversion from kWh to kgCO2 uses the kgCO2 per kWh figure for UK grid electricity. If calculations are stored using profiles, an alternative country can be specified within the profile metadata.


Also in the case that calculations are stored using profiles, the contribution due to standby can be calculated by creating a profile item with drill down device=standby and setting the onStandby parameter to one of never,sometimes,mostly,always.

The standby calculation works by summing the kgCO2 values for all other profile items in the category and then multiplying it by a factor determined by the value of the onStandby parameter:

onStandby factor
never -0.05
sometimes 0
mostly 0.05
always 0.08

The standby amount is added to the returned total for that category. The kgCO2 values for the individual profile items are not altered.

Note: Standby calculations are only valid when storing calculations within profiles.

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