ammonium nitrate phosphate, as P2O5, at regional storehouse

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Refers to 1 kg N, resp. 1 kg P2O5 in ammonium nitrate phosphate with a N-content of 8.4% and a P2O5-content of 52.0%. The multioutput-process 'ammonium nitrate phosphate, at regional storehouse' delivers the co-products 'ammonium nitrate phosphate, as N, at regional storehouse' and 'ammonium nitrate phosphate, as P2O5, at regional storehouse'. Allocation factors are based on the energy requirements of the respective nutrients for the production processes: 48% for 'ammonium nitrate phosphate, as P2O5, at regional storehouse' and 52% for 'ammonium nitrate phosphate, as N, at regional storehouse' (exceptions see report). The allocated inventories must always be used simultaneously.


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includedProcesses The unit process inventory takes into account the production of ammonium nitrate phosphate from ammonia and rock phosphate. Transports of raw materials and intermediate products to the fertiliser plant as well as the transport of the fertiliser product from the factory to the regional department store were included. Production and waste treatment of catalysts, coating and packaging of the final fertiliser products were not included. Infrastructure was included by means of a proxy module.
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text According to the reference of this inventory, the European average is derived from mean values of several fertiliser plants within Europe. The production of raw materials and/or intermediates outside Europe was taken into account by considering the production technology in the respective country and the relative import shares.


Production inventory was derived from detailed literature studies and specifications from the manufacturer, relevant for the European production. Transport specifications of the fertiliser product to the regional department store, which were not included in the reference used for this inventory, were complemented by data given in Patyk & Reinhardt (1997).


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