ethanol, 99.7% in H2O, from biomass, production US, at service station


Inventory refers to the distribution of 1 kg of anhydrous ethanol 99.7% in Switzerland. Ethanol is imported from US and produced from corn grains. Distribution to the final consumer (service station) including all necessary transports.


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unit kg
amount 1
includedProcesses This dataset includes the transport of (corn-based) anhydrous ethanol from distilleries in US to Switzerland (1700 km by rail, 100 km by truck, 7000 km by tanker, 840 km by barge), and distribution to the end user (100 km by rail and 150 km by road). Operation of storage tanks and fuel station is included. Emissions from evaporation and treatment of effluents are also included.
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location CH
text Transport through US to East Coast harbour (1700 km by rail and 100 km by road), and then oversea to Rotterdam harbour (7000 km by tanker). Delivery from Rotterdam to Basel (840 km by barge), and distribution in CH (100 km by rail and 150 km by road). Surveys for distribution mainly for DE and CH.


Distribution of fuels


startYear 2004
endYear 2008


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