ammonium carbonate, at plant


The functional unit represent 1 kg of solid, anhydrous ammonium carbonate flakes. Large uncertainty of the process data due to weak data on the production process and missing data on process emissions.


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unit kg
amount 1
includedProcesses Raw materials and chemicals used for production, transport of materials to manufacturing plant, estimated emissions to air and water from production (incomplete), estimation of energy demand and infrastructure of the plant (approximation). Solid wastes omitted.
infrastructureIncluded true
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location RER
text Data used has no specific geographical origin (stoechiometry). Average europenan processes for raw materials, transport requirements and electricity mix used.


Production from carbon dioxide and ammonia with a process yield of 95%. Inventory bases on stoechiometric calculations. The emissions to air (0.2 wt.% of raw material input) and water were estimated using mass balance. Treatment of the waste water in a internal waste water treatment plant assumed (elimination efficiency of 90% for C).


startYear 2000
endYear 2000


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