methylchloride, at regional storage


Transport from European production plants to Switzerland. Due to the cumulated data used in the product system inventory of methyl chloride production only selected ressources and emissions are included (according to methodology of Boustead). No land occupation and land use is included in the main production process for methyl chloride. No uncertainity is applied to this preceeding process.


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includedProcesses Raw materials, average transport from Production within Europe to Switzerland, emissions to air from tank storage, estimation for storage infrastructure.
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location CH
text Data for distances from the production plants to Switzerland estimated with location of different producing plants in western Europe.


Assumed that all methyl chloride used in Switzerland origins European production plants. Emission values for storage and handling from chloroform production from a U.S source. For the infrastructure as approximation tank infrastructure for methanol or fuel was used .


startYearMonth 1984-01
endYearMonth 1991-12


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