The combination of two concrete buildings, one built in 1927 and the other in 1972, makes this module a sort of average of existing multi-storey buildings. The life of the building is assumed to be 80 years. This module should not be used if its relative importance would be high in a certain environmental inventory.


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unit m3
amount 1
includedProcesses Includes the most important materials used and their disposal, the transportation of the parts to the building site and to the final disposal at the end of life. Also included is the requirement of electricity for construction, maintenance and demolition. Operation is not included.
infrastructureIncluded true
datasetRelatesToProduct true


location RER
text Certain elementary flows or intermediate product flows are RER, UCPTE or GLO modules


The two concrete multi-storey buildings used to make this module were built in 1927 and 1972, but they can be assumed to reflect a sort of average of existing buildings as they are weighted.


startYear 1995
endYear 2001


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