The module describes a fictitious machine made 100% of steel. The energy consumption for the production process is assumed to be the same as the energy consumption for the production of a car. The transportation distances for delivering the parts to the assembly plant are estimated. This module should not be used if its relative importance would be high in a certain environmental inventory. Average service life:10'000 hours.


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unit unit
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includedProcesses Includes the most important materials, the transportation of the parts to the assembly plant and of the hydraulic digger to the end-user. Also included is the requirement of electricity and heating energy. No disposal is included as it is assumed that all materials used in the machine are 100% recycled.
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location RER
text Certain elementary flows or intermediate product flows are extrapolated from Swiss conditions.


Average current technology for one typical machine representing the category.


startYear 1996
endYear 2001


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