resistor, wirewound, through-hole mounting, at plant


The data represent a typical wirewound type resistor for through-hole mounting, used in the information and communication technology. Material data are taken from datasheets of producers of such resistors. Infrastructure and production efforts are based on own assumptions. The dataset represents 1 kg of resistors with a weight of 3.8 gram/unit.


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unit kg
amount 1
includedProcesses This dataset covers raw material input and production efforts for the production of currently used wirewound resistors for through-hole mounting technology.
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location GLO
text Data represent a global valuable composition of wirewound type resistors.


Average technology for the production of resistors and potentiometers - comprising terminmation printing; resistive body printing; glass coat printing; laser trimming; substrate stripping (SMT) resp. ceramic rods; deposition processes; ageing; capping (THT) resp. printing; curing; punching; revetting; molding (ptoentiom.)


startYear 1994
endYear 2007


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