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The module describes the electricity production of an average plant for the country. The plant is used for middle load with 4000 hours of operation at full capacity per year. The plant is assumed to operate 150000 hours during its lifetime. For the assessment of main characteristics (LHV, sulphur and ash content of coal, efficiency of the plant) and criteria emissions (SOx, NOx, particles, and CO2) a bottom-up approach has been used. It consists on the collection of information about single plants. Base data on all major UCTE power plants in 1993 have been integrated, to the extent possible, with updated information for year 2000. The size distribution of particles has been derived from German data. Halogene emissions have been estimated on the basis of the content of the species in the country-specific coal input mix, assuming average retention rates. For CO and VOC-emissions average values for UCTE are included. Two average values for N2O emissions from UCTE plants are considered for the two cases with or without DeNOx; the country specific emission depend therefore on the share of DeNOx. Emissions of trace elements were calculated by means of a formula (CORINAIR) using the ash content in the country-specific coal input mix and average transfer coefficients for coal power plants, taking into account the share of DeSOx installed. Emission of uranium and thorium radioactive isotopes were assumed proportional to the corresponding element emitted with particles; the other non-gaseous radioactive isotopes of the uranium and thorium decay chain were assumed proportional to the emitted U-238 or Th-232. The emission of gaseous radon and K-40 are taken from the literature. The waste heat releases to air and water have been allocated on the basis of the assumed share of river cooled power plants and assumptions on the direct losses to air. The share of the recycled ash is country-specific. For the disposal of the remaining ash, typical country-specific compositions are taken into account in appropriate disposal modules.


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includedProcesses Electricity output at busbar. The module uses the average net efficiency of Slovakian hard coal power plants (38.4%).
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Average installed technology.


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