copper, primary, at refinery


The product "copper, primary, at refinery" is used as pure metal or as alloying element in various technical applications.


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includedProcesses The module includes the pre-treatment of the ore, the reduction and the refining copper to cathode copper, including the country-specific share in hydrometalurgically won copper (SX-EW)
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text This module is valid for the whole corresponding region. Some agents used like lime or sodium cyanide originate from data sets valid for Switzerland or Europe.


The ore is pre-treated, reduced and refined according to the country specific mix of process alternatives: reverberatory furnace 23.7%; flash smelting furnaces 60.7%; other 6.2%.; SX-EW 9.4%. An overall abatement for sulphur dioxide of 45.4% was estimated.


startYear 1994
endYear 2003


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