zinc, primary, at regional storage


The module describes the primary production of zinc in Europe. The multi-output-process "smelting, primary zinc production" delivers the co-products "zinc, primary, at regional storage", "cadmium sludge, from zinc electrolysis, at plant" and "leaching residues, indium rich, from zinc circuit, at smelter". The flow "zinc, …" represents the European supply mix of primary zinc. The by-products "leaching residues, …" and "zinc, …" receive part of the burden and enter the primary production chain.


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includedProcesses The module includes the production of high grade (SHG) primary zinc by pyro- and hydrometallurgical processes, the disposal of the slag and the treatment of the waste water. No secondary production - which amounts to 30% in Europe - is considered.
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text This module represents the consumption mix of primary zinc in Europe. It is assumed that 75% of the concentrates are imported, while all zinc is produced within Europe.


A mix of 80% hydrometallurgical and 20% pyrometallurgical production is chosen. For emission control 80% improved (hydro) and 20% limited control (pyro) is chosen.


startYear 1994
endYear 2003


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