metal working factory operation, heat energy from light fuel oil

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1 kg of this process is needed to produce 1 kg of final product. The data is an estimation based on the average consumption of factories separated into process specific (included in metal working machine operation) and ancillary processes (included here).


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timestamp 2010-06-16T17:42:12
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unit kg
amount 1
includedProcesses This dataset includes ancillary processes to operate a metal working factory. This encompasses electricity for lighting and general water consumption. Heat energy is from light fuel oil.
infrastructureIncluded true
datasetRelatesToProduct true


location RER
text Average data from several local to global sized companies. The main focus is on Germany and Europe.


The companies are expected to cover the whole range of metal working.


startYear 2006
endYear 2007


timestamp 2007-09-05T09:06:39
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