uranium, enriched 3.9% at URENCO enrichment plant


This module uses a mix of data, some specific for the URENCO facilities taken from environmental reports, some from literature. The plants consume 40 kWh/SWU and the electricity is assumed to be supplied by the UCTE grid. The factor for the infrastructure requirement is calculated with annual throughput of 1500 t SWU for 30 years operation.


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includedProcesses The module includes: input of UF6; electricity, diesel, and natural gas used for operation; also taken into account is the material for replacement of centrifuge; water use, lubricant oil, and wastewater treatment; concrete assumed to be used for conditioning of contaminated scrap from decommissioning; transport requirements of operation materials, industrial wastes, and contaminated waste from decommissioning (25% of the reinforced concrete and the great part of metals according to the reference). Radioactive and non-radioactive emissions to air and to water from the operation are also included. The infrastructure requirements are accounted for, though construction and operation data partially refer to different plants rather than to one single unit.
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Current technology for uranium enrichment with centrifuge process.


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