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Average fuel consumption and emission data caused by an average flight with departure in Switzerland. In order to transform tonne kilometre (tkm) performance in passenger kilomter performance (pkm) each passenger is accounted for with a mass of 240 kg. The allocation between intercontinental (67.3%) and intra European (32.7%) transport performance is made on basis of the yearly transport performance of aircrafts departing from Swiss airports. The emissions are given for three subcategories: low poulated are, startosphere and unspecified.


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unit pkm
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includedProcesses The invetory includes consumption of kerosene and direct emissions to air (gaseous emissions, particulate emissions, emissions of heavy metals)
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location RER
text Data refers to average transport conditions of aircrafts depature from Swiss airports.


The data is calculated for today's average aircraft technology


startYear 1997
endYear 2000


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