All data is referred to meter*year. Life time of the rail track infrastructure is assumed to be 100 yrs. I Expenditures due to tunnel construction and bridge construction have been taken into account, according to the share of tunnels and bridges: trenched tunnels: 15%; mined tunnels: 23%; rail glen bridges: 8%; railroad bridges: 1% of the total track length. All data is referred to a two way track. Allocation between goods and passenger transport is not yet applied


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includedProcesses The inventory includes the construction of a ballastless rail track (track bedding, substructures, catenary system) as well as the construction of tunnels and bridges. Further components of rail track infrastructure, such as signalling infrastructure, train overtaking stations, sound insulation walls and buildings (stations, service garages) are not included in this study. Also land use is not considered, but accounted for in the maintenance and operation, railway track.
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text Data refers to specific ICE railway track.


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