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Inventoried waste contains 1.84% rubber; 45.1% Plastics from electronic consumer goods; 45.1% Plastics from electronic industrial goods; 2.32% MSWI iron scrap; 2.2% Alu in MSW; 1.39% Glass; 1.87% wiring copper; 0.07% Pb in ASR inert; 0.01% silver; . waste composition (wet, in ppm): upper heating value 33.29 MJ/kg; lower heating value 31.9 MJ/kg; H2O 8559.4; O 56031; H 68786; C 751200; S 401.86; N 12010; P 470.05; B n.a.; Cl 6228.7; Br 4966.3; F 225.74; I n.a.; Ag 100; As 6.7723; Ba 159.83; Cd 136.18; Co 26.617; Cr 79.466; Cu 21899; Hg 0.76754; Mn 61.911; Mo 2.7089; Ni 476.75; Pb 843.04; Sb 4334.8; Se 1.7694; Sn 198.85; V 6.4772; Zn 697.99; Be 0.42129; Sc n.a.; Sr 74.569; Ti 4042.6; Tl 0.33704; W n.a.; Si 8386.7; Fe 20341; Ca 3822.2; Al 24293; K 105.65; Mg n.a.; Na 1022.1;

Share of carbon in waste that is biogenic 0%. Share of iron in waste that is metallic/recyclable 93%.

Net energy produced in MSWI: 3.63MJ/kg waste electric energy and 7.32MJ/kg waste thermal energy Allocation of energy production: no substitution or expansion. Total burden allocated to waste disposal function of MSWI. One kg of this waste produces 0.1177 kg of slag and 0.01679 kg of residues, which are landfilled. Additional solidification with 0.006715 kg of cement.


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includedProcesses waste-specific air and water emisions from incineration, auxiliary material consumption for flue gas cleaning. Short-term emissions to river water and long-term emisisons to ground water from slag compartment (from bottom slag) and residual material landfill (from solidified fly ashes and scrubber slugde). Process energy demands for MSWI.
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text Specific to the technology mix encountered in Switzerland in 2000. Well applicable to modern incineration practices in Europe, North America or Japan.


average Swiss MSWI plants in 2000 (grate incinerators) with electrostatic precipitator for fly ash (ESP), wet flue gas scrubber and 29.4% SNCR , 32.2% SCR-high dust , 24.6% SCR-low dust -DeNOx facilities and 13.8% without Denox (by burnt waste, according to Swiss average). Share of waste incinerated in plants with magnetic scrap separation from slag : 50%. Gross electric efficiency technology mix 12.997% and Gross thermal efficiency technology mix 25.57%


startYearMonth 1994-01
endYearMonth 2000-12


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