disposal, paper, 11.2% water, to sanitary landfill

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Inventoried waste contains 100% average paper; . waste composition (wet, in ppm): upper heating value 16.61 MJ/kg; lower heating value 14.12 MJ/kg; H2O 110830; O 378670; H 53852; C 404000; S 1406.7; N 3756.6; P 112.95; B 17.19; Cl 1837.5; Br n.a.; F 19.468; I n.a.; Ag 0.047733; As 2.0485; Ba 114.24; Cd 1.6629; Co 0.7359; Cr 14.461; Cu 60.893; Hg 0.13902; Mn 40.221; Mo 4.2976; Ni 9.4431; Pb 80.374; Sb 0.70911; Se 2.5786; Sn n.a.; V n.a.; Zn 124.8; Be 0.97413; Sc n.a.; Sr 58.276; Ti 171.9; Tl 1.719; W n.a.; Si 21255; Fe 1188.4; Ca 3438.1; Al 12391; K 1327.5; Mg 4297.6; Na 918.83;

Share of carbon in waste that is biogenic 100%. Overall degradability of waste during 100 years: 27%.


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includedProcesses Waste-specific short-term emissions to air via landfill gas incineration and landfill leachate. Burdens from treatment of short-term leachate (0-100a) in wastewater treatment plant (including WWTP sludge disposal in municipal incinerator). Long-term emissions from landfill to groundwater (after base lining failure).
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location CH
text Technology encountered in Switzerland in 2000. Landfill includes base seal, leachate collection system, treatment of leachate in municipal wastewater treatment plant.


Swiss municipal sanitary landfill for biogenic or untreated municipal waste ('reactive organic landfill'). Landfill gas and leachate collection system. Recultivation and monitoring for 150 years after closure.


startYearMonth 1994-01
endYearMonth 2000-12


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