electricity, at cogen ORC 1400kWth, wood, allocation energy


The multioutput-prozess "wood chips, burned in cogen ORC 1400kWth, allocation energy" delivers the coproducts "heat, at cogen ORC 1400kWth, wood, allocation energy" and "electricity, at cogen ORC 1400kWth, wood, allocation energy".


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unit kWh
amount 1
includedProcesses This module describes the combustion of natural wood chips. Included are the infrastructure, the wood input, the emissions to air, the transport of the fuel, and the disposal of the ashes. Also included are substances needed for operation: lubricating oil, urea, organic chemicals, sodium chloride, chlorine and decarbonized water.
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location CH
text Could be used for central European conditions.


Specific cogeneration unit installed in Switzerland.


startYear 2000
endYear 2001


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