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In order to allow open and transparent exchange of LCA data the ecoinvent Centre has developed an open source data format - EcoSpold. This has become one of the standard data exchange formats for LCI data, and is used within many or most of the current LCA or eco-design software tools. EcoSpold was originally released in 2000 (version 1) and is currently at version 2 (ecospold-v2).

EcoSpold data within AMEE

AMEEdiscover provides a human readable form of the ecoinvent data for subscribed users. Each ecoinvent process, product or service is represented by three pages in AMEEdiscover: the unit process raw data (UPR), the life cycle inventory data (LCI) and the life cycle impact assessment methods (LCIA).

Each AMEEdiscover page contains all of the information contained in each EcoSpold file with the exception of some technical details. The complete information is available via the AMEE API using the path element shown on each AMEEdiscover page. This means that ecoinvent data in AMEE can now be accessed through the API in EcoSpold format using a simple http request.

EcoSpold version 2 is supported by AMEE.

The structure of each EcoSpold file is shown below:

Meta information


  • Reference Function - defines the product or service output to which all emissions and requirements are referred
  • Time Period - defines the temporal validity of the dataset
  • Geography - defines the geographical validity of the dataset
  • Technology - describes the technology(ies) of the process
  • Data Set Information - defines the kind of product or process system, and the version number of the dataset

Modelling and validation

  • Representativeness - defines the representativeness of the data used
  • Sources - lists the literature and publications used
  • Validations - lists the reviewers and their comments

Administrative information

  • Data Entry By - documents the person in charge of implementing the dataset in the database
  • Data Generator and Publication - documents the originator and the published source of the dataset
  • Persons - lists complete address of all persons mentioned in a dataset

Flow data


  • Quantifies all flows from technical systems and nature to the process and from the process to nature and to other technical systems


  • Describes allocation procedures and quantifies allocation factors, required for multi-function processes

For further information on the EcoSpold format, please see the ecoinvent website