Electricity by Country

This category is deprecated

This category is now deprecated. The Greenhouse Gas Protocol data, together with historical values, can now be found here

The AMEE category at /business/energy/electricity includes data and a calculation methodology for greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production and consumption of grid electricity by specific country and other international jurisdictions. Data on CO2 emissions is sourced from the WRI Greenhouse Gas Protocol worksheet for GHG emissions from Purchased Electricity, Heat or Steam, which based on data published by the International Energy Agency IEA. Emissions factors for CH4 and N2O emissions data is sourced from the US EIA.

To use this category, set the country or international region using the country drill choice. Next, set the quantity of electricity consumed by setting the energyPerTime profile item value. The returned quantity represents CO2e emissions associated with the energy quantity and country/region specified.

The GHG protocol worksheets additionally provide functionality for the accounting of electricity usage in shared facilities. AMEE replicates this functionality by allowing users to specify the proportion of floor area which is under consideration (e.g. square feet of office space). To use this functionality, specify the 'responsible' and total areas using the responsibleArea and totalArea profile item values. The returned value represents only the share of emissions which are attributable to the user on the basis of floor area share.

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