Etching and CVD cleaning production methodology


The AMEE category business/processes/production/electronics/etchingandcvdcleaning/production provides a methodology for calculating the fluorinated compound (FC) emissions associated with the plasma etching of silicon-containing-materials and cleaning of the chamber-walls of chemical vapour deposition (CVD) tools in the semiconductor, LCD and photovoltaic industries. The methodology uses typical emissions factors for several greenhouse gases based on the quantity of electronics substrate produced and represents the Tier 1 approach described by the IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories (NGGIP).

How to use this category

Selecting an emissions scenario

To use this category, specify the electronics industry sector using the sector drill choice.

Specifying activity data

Next, the user must specify the annual manufacturing design capacity of substrate processes, and the annual capacity utilisation using the capacity and fractionCapacityUtilised profile item values.

Since the use of FC's is variable in the photovoltaic (PV) industry, users can also specify the proportion of PV manufacture under consideration that employs FC's. This should be set as a decimal fraction (i.e. 0-1) using the fractionFluorinatedCompounds profile item value. The returned emissions quantity is scaled according to the fraction which uses FC's. Note: this option is only valid when specifying the 'PV-cells' option in the sector drill choice.

Results and calculation

The returned amounts represent the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the quantity specified. Two quantities are returned, as follows:

  • CF4: quantity of CF4 emissions (where appropriate)
  • C2F6: quantity of C2F6 emissions (where appropriate)
  • C3F8: quantity of C3F8 emissions (where appropriate)
  • CHF3: quantity of CHF3 emissions (where appropriate)
  • NF3: quantity of NF3 emissions (where appropriate)
  • SF6: quantity of SF6 emissions (where appropriate)
  • CO2e: CO2e emissions (all gases converted using the appropriate global warming potential and combined into a single quantity)


Emissions factors

The IPCC stresses that the emissions factors used in this methodology are designed to give an aggregated estimate of FC emissions. These emissions factors should not be used separately or in combination with any other data, but are appropriate only in the use specified within this methodology and reported as a complete set.

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