Real Time Electricity User specified

The carbon intensity of electricity is related to the specific method of generation used (e.g. coal, gas, nuclear, wind), and therefore the CO2 emissions associated with national or regional grid electricity depend on the specific combination of generation methods (the 'fuel mix') which supply the grid. The fuel mix will change due to variations in demand and supply e.g. maintenance and (de)commissioning of power stations.

The AMEE category home/energy/electricity/realTimeIntermediate permits the user to specify their own fuel mix and derive the corresponding weighted average CO2 emissions factor. To use this category specify the quantity of electricity supplied by the following types of electricity generation using the corresponding profile item values:

  • Closed cycle gas turbine (the ccgt profile item value)
  • Open cycle gass turbine (ocgt)
  • Oil (oil)
  • Coal (coal)
  • Nuclear (nuclear)
  • Wind (wind)
  • Pump storage (pumpStorage)
  • Non-pump storage hydro (npshyd)
  • Other (other)
  • International import: France (intfr)
  • International import: Ireland (intirl)

AMEE uses this fuel mix data to calculate a weighted average CO2 emissions factor which is posted to the massCO2PerEnergy profile item value. Users can specify a quantity of electricity consumed by using the energyUsed profile item value. The returned value represents the associated quantity of CO2 emitted based on the specified grid fuel mix data.

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