Transport by fuel


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The AMEE category at /transport/byFuel includes data for the mobile burning of a variety of fuels taken from parts of several of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol worksheets. The following data categories are available.

By Fuel

The primary category (/transport/byFuel) contains data on greenhouse gas emissions associated with numerous types of fuel when burned in the context of transportation. Alternative emissions factors are available for each fuel type, from sources including the IPCC, the UK government agency DEFRA, and the US Energy Information Administration. Users have the option of specifying fuel quantities in terms of energy, volume or mass.

By fuel US

The category /transport/byFuel/us contains data on greenhouse gas emissions associated with numerous types of fuel for mobile combustion (i.e. transportation) in the US, and is sourced from the latest Greenhouse Gas Protocol dataset. This category differs from the /transport/byFuel category in that alternative emissions factors for each fuel are available for different transport contexts, e.g. 'agricultural equipment', 'passenger car', 'heavy goods vehicle'. Although the carbon intensity of a given fuel (i.e. the CO2 emissions) remain similar across different contexts, variations in total greenhouse gas emissions vary, reflecting inter-context differences in the production of CH4 and N2O. The category contains functionality for calculating biofuel associated geenhouse gas emissions separately from those associated with fossil fuels.

By Fuel Other regions

The category /transport/byFuel/other contains similar data and functionality to the category /transport/byFuel/us, but applies specifically to contexts other than the US and UK.

IPCC transport fuels

The AMEE category /transport/byFuel/ipcc contains data and methodologies sourced from the IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories for calculating emissions associated with fuel used in various transportation contexts. These include, off-road vehicles, ocean-going ships, and trains organised according to engine type and age.