This category contains data on the CO2 intensity of electricity supplied to the UK grid by specific providers. Annual values for emissions intensity (i.e. kg CO2 per kWh) are available for the period 2005-2009

UK suppliers

Only domestic energy suppliers are included here. There are other names in the domestic supply market, but they all use one of the main suppliers listed here, as follows:

  • British Gas: includes Centrica, and Scottish Gas
  • Ecotricity
  • EDF Energy: includes London Energy, Seeboard Energy, SWEB Energy, and Sainsbury's Energy
  • e.on: includes Amerada, East Midlands Electricity, Eastern Electricity, Midlands Gas, Norweb Energy, Powergen, Sterling Gas, Tesco Energy, and TXU Energi
  • Good Energy
  • Green Energy
  • npower/RWE: includes Calortex, Daily Telegraph, Independent Energy, MEB, Midlands Electricity, National Power, Npower Limited, Npower Northern Limited, Npower Yorkshire Limited, Npower Direct Limited and York Gas
  • Scottish & Southern Energy: includes Atlantic Electric and Gas, Scottish Hydro-Electric, Southern Electric, and SWALEC
  • ScottishPower: includes AA, Beacon, Ideal and Lloyds Ideal
  • Electricity Plus: includes Telecom Plus and The Utility Warehouse

Fuel mixes and reselling

The values fo kg CO2 per kWh are based on the fuel mix of each supplier. There is potential uncertainty with these figures in that they do not account for the reselling of renewable energy. For example, although Good Energy are undoubtedly more "green" than most other suppliers, it is misleading to assign them the value of 0 kg CO2 per kWh.

How to use this category

To use this category, select the electricity supplier using the supplier drill down choice. Next specify the the quantity of energy consumed using the energyConsumption profile item value. The returned quantity represents CO2 emissions associated with the specified consumption.

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