The AMEE category /transport/emissionscontrol/ureabasedadditives contains a methodology for caluclating non-combustive CO2 emissions from urea-based additives in catalytic converters, sourced from the IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories.

To use this this category, create a profile item (this category contains no drill options) and set the quantity of urea-based additive consumed using the mass profile item value, and specify its purity using the purity profile item value. 'Purity' refers to the fraction of urea within the additive and should be expressed as a value between 0-1.

The calculation for non-combustive CO2 emissions is as follows:

CO2 emissions = quantity consumed x (12/60) x (44/12) x purity

The value 12/60 represents the proportion of carbon ©, by weight, in urea (CO(NH2)2), while the value 44/12 represents the weight of CO2 relative to C.

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