The AMEE category at business/waste/water/n2o provides a methodology for calculating the quantity of nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions from from waste water treatment plants. The methodology is based on default emissions factors for emissions per member of the service population, and is sourced from the guidelines associated with the US EPA's mandatory reporting requirements.

How to use this category

Selecting an emissions scenario

To use this category, simply create a profile item - there are no drill choices.

Specifying activity data

Next, specify the total size of the service population and the size of the population which is served by biological denitrification using the totalPopulation and populationWith profile item values.

Users can override default parameters by specifying their own using the following profile item values:

  • massN2OPerPersonWith: N2O emissions per person served by wastewater treatment plants with nitrification/denitrification
  • massN2OPerPersonWithout: N2O emissions per person served by wastewater treatment plants without nitrification/denitrification
  • industryFactor: Industrial/commercial adjustment factor

Results and calculation

The quantities returned represent N2O emissions associated with this population size together with the default or specified values for the N2O emitted per person (for each type of treatment scenario) and an adjustment factor representing the impact of industrial and commercial discharges of protein. The following quantities are returned:

  • N2O: absolute quantity of N2O emitted
  • CO2e: emitted N2O to CO2e converted using the appropriate global warming potential)

Did you know?