This methodology allows the user to calculate life-cycle emissions from water. The methodology follows that from the latest Defra data and advice which in turn is sourced from Water UK. Full life-cycle emissions are calculated including contributions from carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane.

The methodology

Model data

This methodology is separated into the following classification (type) of life-cycle emissions.

  • supply
  • treatment
  • supply and treatment

Activity data required

Life-cycle emissions calculation are based upon a specified quantity of water. The default units for this value are m³.

Calculation and result

The returned emissions quantities for this methodology are provides in kgCO2e, which includes CO2, N2O and CH4 emissions.

All quantities (including the separated CH4 and N2O emissions) are expressed in terms of CO2e - the quantity of CO2 which would exert the same atmospheric warming effect and the emissions quantity.

Did you know?