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This category contains energy consumption and CO2 emissions data associated with television use — find similar pages
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This category permits the user to specify types of heating insulation used — find similar pages
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This category allows user to specify a quantity of renewable energy generated — find similar pages
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Energy in Ireland

This category contains CO2 emissions data associated with energy production and consumption specific to Ireland — find similar pages
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Seasonal energy adjustment factors

Note It most cases it is preferable to create a profile item in /home/energy/quantity and set its season value rather than a c... — find similar pages
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The quantity category contains emission factors for all major fuels and electricity generation. Although you can create pro... — find similar pages
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Heating UK Floor Area

This category lists the typical floor areas for a variety of UK home types. Note that this category is primarily a look-up c... — find similar pages
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Heating UK Renewable

This category gives the saving possible by use of renewable technologies in the UK. Note that this category is primarily a lo... — find similar pages
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The water usage category calculates the emissions from certain household activities such as using the dishwasher or showerin... — find similar pages
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This section calculates the effect of different methods of water usage reductions. The user can select from three options ... — find similar pages