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CO2 Sinks Rainforest

This section allows the user to get a rough idea of how much rainforest is required to absorb a given amount of CO2... — find similar pages
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Heating UK Floor Area

This category lists the typical floor areas for a variety of UK home types. Note that this category is primarily a look-up c... — find similar pages
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Stoichiometries ratios

This category contains a list of molecular mass ratios to be used by other category's algorithms. There are no profile item va... — find similar pages
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Greenhouse gases Global warming potentials

This AMEE category contains data concerning the 'global warming potential' (GWP) of various greenhouse gases. Global war... — find similar pages
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Oxidation factors

The AMEE category at /planet/oxidationfactors contains default factors for the level of oxidation achieved in the combustion... — find similar pages
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Heating UK types

This category contains a list of heating types (systems) for a variety of fuels and gives associated efficiency. This categor... — find similar pages
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Non energy products emissions methodology, lubricants. Calculates carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions based on the quanti... — find similar pages
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Aluminium alternative

This category provides an 'alternative method' for calculating aluminium-related CO2 emissions, based on the car... — find similar pages
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Fuel properties by DEFRA

Physical properties of fuels. Density and energy content. Look up category only, no calculations available. — find similar pages
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Light bulb by wattage

This methodology enables the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions associated with the use of internal lighting. This calcu... — find similar pages