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Oil and gas fugitive emissions

Fugitive emissions methodology, underground mining. Calculates carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and ni... — find similar pages
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Transport fuels by IPCC

This methodology provides data and a calculation methodology for calculating CO2 emissions associated with the consu... — find similar pages
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N2O emissions from managed organic soils

Managed soils methodology, drained/managed organic soils. Calculates nitrous oxide emissions (N2O and CO2... — find similar pages
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IPCC cement methodologies

The AMEE category /business/processes/production/cement/ipcc contains several methodologies sourced from the the IPCC guideli... — find similar pages
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IPCC cement production based on clinker

The AMEE category business/processes/production/cement/ipcc/clinker provides a methodology for calculating the emissions ass... — find similar pages
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Rice cultivation

Cropland methodology, rice cultivation. Calculates methane emissions (CH4 and CO2e) based on cultivation ... — find similar pages
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Soil liming

Managed soils methodology, liming treatment. Calculates carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) based on quantities of lime (... — find similar pages
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Soil urea application

Managed soils methodology, urea application. Calculates carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) based on quantities of urea a... — find similar pages
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Adipic acid

Chemical industry methodology, adipic acid. Calculates nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions based on the quantity of adipic... — find similar pages
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Primary Data and Methodologies Represented in AMEE

A methodology details how emissions should be calculated, recommending or requiring use of a particular data set - see the Stan... — find similar pages