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Pages Related To: Combined Heat and Power output by DEFRA

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UK electricity by DEFRA

Grid electricity emissions. UK specific emissions. Annual and rolling average factors. Calculates direct, indirect and life-cyc... — find similar pages
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Greenhouse Gas Protocol Combined Heat and Power

Combined heat and power methodology. Calculates intensities of greenhouse gas emissions for steam and electricity produced at C... — find similar pages
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Electricity by DEFRA

The AMEE category at /business/energy/electricity/defra provides a rich dataset and calculation methodologies for greenhouse ga... — find similar pages
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International electricity by DEFRA

Grid electricity emissions. Specific country emissions and international jurisdictions emissions. Annual and rolling average fa... — find similar pages
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Combined heat and power

This category contains methodologies related to Combined Heat and Power. — find similar pages
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Fuel properties by DEFRA

Physical properties of fuels. Density and energy content. Look up category only, no calculations available. — find similar pages
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Energy based fuel combustion by DEFRA

Energy based stationary combustion of fuels. Calculates direct, indirect and life cycle carbon dioxide (CO2), methan... — find similar pages
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DEFRA methodologies for transport

The UK government Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs publishes greenhouse gas conversions for a comprehensive r... — find similar pages
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UK electricity methodology

This page details how the electricity emission factors are calculated in the Real Time Electricity category of AMEE. Overview... — find similar pages
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Water Defra

Greenhouse gas life-cycle emission rates resulting from the supply and treatment of water. Calculates direct, indirect and life... — find similar pages