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International electricity by DEFRA

Grid electricity emissions. Specific country emissions and international jurisdictions emissions. Annual and rolling average fa... — find similar pages
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DEFRA journey based flight methodology

Passenger flight methodology. Calculates direct, indirect and life cycle carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4find similar pages
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DEFRA passenger transport methodology

Greenhouse gas emissions associated with passenger transport. Calculates direct, indirect and life cycle carbon dioxide (COfind similar pages
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Great Circle flight methodology

This methodology represents greenhouse gas emissions associated with the air transport according to Great Circle distances betw... — find similar pages
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Life Cycle Waste 2011

This category allows the user to calculate emissions from various forms of waste disposal, following the latest Defra data ... — find similar pages
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DEFRA methodologies for transport

The UK government Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs publishes greenhouse gas conversions for a comprehensive r... — find similar pages
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This category provides a simple screening method to allow users to estimate their greenhouse gas emissions from the use of re... — find similar pages
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Water Defra

Greenhouse gas life-cycle emission rates resulting from the supply and treatment of water. Calculates direct, indirect and life... — find similar pages
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Refrigerant material balance methodology by DEFRA

This methodology enables the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions associated with the use of refrigerants. The methodology i... — find similar pages
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Results breakdown

Displayed totals ActOnCo2 v1 displays the breakdown of the final result as the following totals and sub-totals: Home - the su... — find similar pages