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Biofuels by DEFRA

Greenhouse gas emissions associated with the stationary combustion of biofuels. Calculates direct, indirect and life cycle carb... — find similar pages
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UK electricity by DEFRA

Grid electricity emissions. UK specific emissions. Annual and rolling average factors. Calculates direct, indirect and life-cyc... — find similar pages
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Blended fuels by DEFRA

This methodology represents greenhouse gas emissions associated with the stationary combustion of blended fuels. The data and c... — find similar pages
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UK train stations

The AMEE category /transport/train/route/stations contains details of train stations which are used in the Train route categ... — find similar pages
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UK Seasonal Alternative

This category offers an alternative assignment of season names to months from this category. The data is identical. — find similar pages
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Seasonal energy adjustment factors

Note It most cases it is preferable to create a profile item in /home/energy/quantity and set its season value rather than a c... — find similar pages
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DEFRA Emissions types by industrial process

This category contains data on the greenhouse gases - or groups of greenhouse gases - which are typically emitted in associati... — find similar pages
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Heating UK types

This category contains a list of heating types (systems) for a variety of fuels and gives associated efficiency. This categor... — find similar pages
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CRC League Table

Benchmark dataset. Disclosed emissions for companies reporting to the UK Government's Carbon Reduction Commitment initiative. UK. — find similar pages
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Electricity Generation Emission Factors

This category contains CO2 emissions factors for each electricity generation method used to supply grid electricit... — find similar pages