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DEFRA road transport methodology by vehicle size

Vehicular emission rates resulting from a given distance travelled and vehicular occupancy. Calculates direct, indirect and lif... — find similar pages
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Greenhouse Gas Protocol Combined Heat and Power

Combined heat and power methodology. Calculates intensities of greenhouse gas emissions for steam and electricity produced at C... — find similar pages
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Televisions Generic Ranges

This methodology contains energy consumption and CO2 emissions data associated with several generic types and ranges... — find similar pages
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Waste water treatment N2O

The AMEE category at business/waste/water/n2o provides a methodology for calculating the quantity of nitrous oxide (N2<... — find similar pages
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US E grid

The Emissions & Generation Resource Integrated Database (eGRID), published by the US Environmental Protection Agency, is th... — find similar pages
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Combined Heat and Power output by DEFRA

This methodology represents greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy produced by Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants, a... — find similar pages
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Waste water treatment anaerobic digestion

The AMEE category at business/waste/water/anaerobicdigester provides a methodology for calculating the quantity of methane em... — find similar pages
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Generic car transport

The AMEE category /transport/car/generic contains data associated with the greenhouse gas emissions of representative car types... — find similar pages
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Heating US

This category contains data items for describing home heating and air conditioning in the US based on survey data for 2001. ... — find similar pages
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Life cycle hydrogen production

The AMEE category at business/processes/production/hydrogen/production provides a methodology for calculating greenhouse gas... — find similar pages