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Iron and steel generic processes

Metal industry methodology, general iron and steel processes. Calculates carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4find similar pages
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Electronics emissions control factors

The AMEE category /business/processes/production/electronics/etchingandcvdcleaning/emissionscontrol contains data on the effe... — find similar pages
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IPCC cement methodologies

The AMEE category /business/processes/production/cement/ipcc contains several methodologies sourced from the the IPCC guideli... — find similar pages
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US E grid

The Emissions & Generation Resource Integrated Database (eGRID), published by the US Environmental Protection Agency, is th... — find similar pages
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Magnesium casting process

The AMEE category business/processes/production/magnesium/castingprocess/ is aimed towards industry professionals to enable... — find similar pages
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HCFC22 production data only

This category provides a calculation methodology for estimating greenhouse gas emissions from the production of chlorodifluorom... — find similar pages
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Heat transfer fluids consumption methodology

The AMEE category at business/processes/production/electronics/heattransferfluids/consumption provides a methodology for cal... — find similar pages
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Petrochemical mass balance methodology

The AMEE category at business/processes/production/petrochemical/massbalance provides a methodology for calculating greenhou... — find similar pages
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Lime production data

This category provides data and a methodology for calculating the greenhouse gas emissions from lime manufacturing using produ... — find similar pages
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Ferroalloy raw materials methodology

The AMEE category business/processes/production/ferroalloy/rawmaterials is aimed towards industry professionals to enabl... — find similar pages