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The data in this category is used to determine the emission factor to apply to electrical device usage based on the country... — find similar pages
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Electricity Generation Emission Factors

This category contains CO2 emissions factors for each electricity generation method used to supply grid electricit... — find similar pages
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International electricity by DEFRA

Grid electricity emissions. Specific country emissions and international jurisdictions emissions. Annual and rolling average fa... — find similar pages
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Greenhouse Gas Protocol international electricity

Grid electricity methodology. Calculates carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions associated with the generation of grid elect... — find similar pages
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Electric car transport

Calculations for electric cars have their kg CO2 calculated using generic energy consumption rates together with the... — find similar pages
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Real Time Electricity

The carbon intensity of electricity is related to the specific method of generation used (e.g. coal, gas, nuclear... — find similar pages
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Energy by Quantity

This category handles conversions from a given quantity of fuel or electricity to kg of CO2. Mass, volume or ... — find similar pages
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Airports by country

Reference dataset, airports. Provides airport names, countries and latitude and longitude references for 500 cities and major d... — find similar pages
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The quantity category contains emission factors for all major fuels and electricity generation. Although you can create pro... — find similar pages
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Electricity gas

Grid electricity methodology. Calculates carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions associated with gas-fired electricity genera... — find similar pages