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Energy Star Entertainment

This category contains data on entertainment products that have achieved the Energy Star standard in the US. The subcategorie... — find similar pages
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This category contains energy consumption and CO2 emissions data associated with television use — find similar pages
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Entertainment Set Top Boxes

The data in this category is sourced from the Energy Star website. This gives CO2 emissions for US appliances that have achie... — find similar pages
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This category contains sub categories containing items representing electrical devices that are used for entertainment in th... — find similar pages
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Televisions Generic Ranges

This methodology contains energy consumption and CO2 emissions data associated with several generic types and ranges... — find similar pages
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Appliances Energy Star

This category contains data on various Energy Star rated products. These are US products that reach a certain standard for e... — find similar pages
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Energy Star Kitchen

This category contains data on US kitchen appliances that have reached the Energy Star standard. Below is a list of the sub-c... — find similar pages
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Please read Introduction to AMEEdiscover before reading this so that you understand the concepts of profile items and profile ... — find similar pages
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Heating US

This category contains data items for describing home heating and air conditioning in the US based on survey data for 2001. ... — find similar pages
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Entertainment generic

Description The items in this dataset represent domestic entertainment equipment. All items include energy consumed on sleep, ... — find similar pages