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Soil urea application

Managed soils methodology, urea application. Calculates carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) based on quantities of urea a... — find similar pages
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Soil liming

Managed soils methodology, liming treatment. Calculates carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) based on quantities of lime (... — find similar pages
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N2O emissions from managed organic soils

Managed soils methodology, drained/managed organic soils. Calculates nitrous oxide emissions (N2O and CO2... — find similar pages
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N2O emissions from soil applications

The AMEE category /business/agriculture/soil/inputs contains a methodology for calculating the N2O emissions ass... — find similar pages
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Soil management

The AMEE category /business/agriculture/soil contains data and methodologies for calculating greenhouse gas emissions from ... — find similar pages
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Animal associated soil N2O emissions

Managed soils methodology, urine and dung additions from grazing livestock. Calculates nitrous oxide emissions (N2O ... — find similar pages
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The AMEE category business/agriculture contains data on CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions associated with ... — find similar pages
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The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is one of the leading bodies for climate change assessment. It was founded by the... — find similar pages
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Centre for Agriculture and Environment

The Centre for Agriculture and Environment (CLM) have developed a comprehensive carbon emissions database relating to food ingr... — find similar pages
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Transport fuels by IPCC

This methodology provides data and a calculation methodology for calculating CO2 emissions associated with the consu... — find similar pages