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Miscellaneous modes of transport

Human powered transport such as walking and cycling produces no direct carbon dioxide emission. Propellants used by Ariane 5 an... — find similar pages
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Specific electric trains

The AMEE category /transport/train/specific/electric contains data on emissions associated with electric trains based on tes... — find similar pages
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Train Route

This category allows you to create profile items that represent a journey between two train stations. AMEE will dete... — find similar pages
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CLM food transportation emissions

The AMEE category /embodied/clm/transport contains data on the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the transportation of... — find similar pages
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DEFRA journey based flight methodology

Passenger flight methodology. Calculates direct, indirect and life cycle carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4find similar pages
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People Like Me Travel

This category contains typical data for travel-based CO2 emissions according to household size and context, obta... — find similar pages
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Results breakdown

Displayed totals ActOnCo2 v1 displays the breakdown of the final result as the following totals and sub-totals: Home - the su... — find similar pages
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Great Circle flight methodology

This methodology represents greenhouse gas emissions associated with the air transport according to Great Circle distances betw... — find similar pages
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UK Average Travel

This category contains data on the typical emissions associated with domestic travel in the UK per either individual or hou... — find similar pages
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Kitchen generic

Description The items in this dataset represent domestic kitchen equipment. Items for "wet" appliances represent energy expen... — find similar pages