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Generic train transport

This category contains data on the per passenger CO2 emissions associated with train travel in the UK, Republic of I... — find similar pages
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Generic car transport

The AMEE category /transport/car/generic contains data associated with the greenhouse gas emissions of representative car types... — find similar pages
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Transport metadata

This category is used to store information about transport that does not contribute to the CO2 result of the profile. — find similar pages
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Act On CO2

The UK Government's national, consumer-facing campaign is called "Act on CO2". It uses the AMEE platform, and is av... — find similar pages
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The AMEE category /transport/motorcycle contains data and methodologies for calculating greenhouse gas emissions associa... — find similar pages
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Results breakdown

Displayed totals ActOnCo2 v1 displays the breakdown of the final result as the following totals and sub-totals: Home - the su... — find similar pages
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People Like Me Travel

This category contains typical data for travel-based CO2 emissions according to household size and context, obta... — find similar pages
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UK Average Travel

This category contains data on the typical emissions associated with domestic travel in the UK per either individual or hou... — find similar pages
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Act On CO2 Metadata

This category should contain just one profile item which holds extra metadata that is specific to Act_On_CO2 v2. — find similar pages
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Act On CO2 Methodology

The methodology paper for the Act On CO2 calculator can be found here. — find similar pages