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Electric car transport

Calculations for electric cars have their kg CO2 calculated using generic energy consumption rates together with the... — find similar pages
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The AMEE category /transport/car contains data associated with the greenhouse gas emissions of car travel. Both gener... — find similar pages
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Generic car transport

The AMEE category /transport/car/generic contains data associated with the greenhouse gas emissions of representative car types... — find similar pages
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Bus by occupancy

The AMEE category at ''/transport/bus/generic/occupancy'' includes data for bus transport which allows you to set the expecte... — find similar pages
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Car transport by band in Ireland

This category contains data on CO2 emissions associated with cars representative of particular car tax bands.... — find similar pages
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DEFRA passenger transport methodology

Greenhouse gas emissions associated with passenger transport. Calculates direct, indirect and life cycle carbon dioxide (COfind similar pages
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Generic minibus transport

The term minibus refers to a vehicle designed to carry between 7 to 15 passengers. Small minibuses are sometimes called p... — find similar pages
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The AMEE category /transport is a primary parent category containing data and methodologies for calculating greenhouse gas emis... — find similar pages
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Passenger transport by Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Passenger transport emissions methodology. Calculates direct carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous... — find similar pages
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US road transport by IPCC

This methodology provides data and a calculation methodology for calculating greenhouse gas emissions associated with US road v... — find similar pages