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Heating UK Renewable

This category gives the saving possible by use of renewable technologies in the UK. Note that this category is primarily a lo... — find similar pages
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Appliances Energy Star

This category contains data on various Energy Star rated products. These are US products that reach a certain standard for e... — find similar pages
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UK Aggregate

This category contains typical usage and emissions data for the UK — find similar pages
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Kitchen generic

Description The items in this dataset represent domestic kitchen equipment. Items for "wet" appliances represent energy expen... — find similar pages
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Televisions Generic Ranges

This methodology contains energy consumption and CO2 emissions data associated with several generic types and ranges... — find similar pages
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Electric car transport

Calculations for electric cars have their kg CO2 calculated using generic energy consumption rates together with the... — find similar pages
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People Like Me Travel

This category contains typical data for travel-based CO2 emissions according to household size and context, obta... — find similar pages
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Electricity by DEFRA

The AMEE category at /business/energy/electricity/defra provides a rich dataset and calculation methodologies for greenhouse ga... — find similar pages
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Specific electric trains

The AMEE category /transport/train/specific/electric contains data on emissions associated with electric trains based on tes... — find similar pages
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The data in this category is used to determine the emission factor to apply to electrical device usage based on the country... — find similar pages