soybean methyl ester, at esterification plant


Inventory refers to the production of 1 kg soybean methyl ester, respectively glycerine, from soybean oil. The multioutput-process 'soybean oil, in esterification plant' delivers the co-products 'soybean methyl ester, at esterification plant' and 'glycerine, from soybean oil, at esterification plant'. Economic allocation with allocation factor of 92.0% to soybean oil and 8.0% to glycerine. Allocation of CO2 emissions is done according to carbon balance.


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includedProcesses This process includes the esterification process of soybean oil to methyl ester and glycerine, intermediate storage of the oil and products, treatment of specific wastewater effluents. System boundary is at the esterification plant.
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text Data from different plants worldwide (incl. literature data)


Typical vegetable oil esterification plant designed for the production of methyl ester (for use in the vehicle fuels market), global context. Base-catalyzed transesterification.


startYear 1996
endYear 2006


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